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The main aim of monytree is to make investing simple, safe and easy. Good returns and safety is our utmost priority. Being an entity, it’s our duty to provide you the best of Mutual Fund advice over your investment horizons.

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monytree helps you ascertain the absolute kind and amount of investment for savings that can be used for desired objectives or any other such purposes.

All About Mutual Fund Investment

Mutual Fund is a financial instrument which comprises of a pool of money collected from numerous investors. This fund is then invested in financial securities such as stocks, bonds, and other money market instruments. Mutual Fund is not only about Stocks, but also many other Financial Instruments that helps you customize your investment plans.

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  • Mutual Fund is a financial instrument comprising of a portfolio of stocks, bonds or other securities.

  • It gives small or individual investors access to diversified, professionally managed portfolios at lower cost.
  • They are divided into categories, based on the kinds of securities they invest in, their investment objectives, and the type of returns expected.


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Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is an investment option offered by Mutual Funds wherein one can invest a fixed amount in a Mutual Fund scheme at regular intervals.SIP removes the burden of investment on the investor as one can invest as little as Rs. 500 per month. It is very similar to Recurring Deposite and its equally convenient as RD as one can give Standing Instructions to the respective to debit the account automatically.SIP by Mutual Funds is a great way to enter the World Investment Market with limited funds for a longer period. Start Investing Early for a longer period on a regular basis to get the best returns.

A lump-sum amount in Mutual Fund is defined as a stipulated amount of money invested in one single transaction. Lump-sum investment is considered as an alternative way to invest in Mutual Fund other than opting for SIP. Usually, when one has a stipulated amount of money in hands to invest than one may opt for Lump-sum option. Here, one need not make multiple transactions in order to invest, as the entire amount needs to paid in a single transaction while investing through Lump-sum.


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